LIDA’s master plan recommends residential land use

LIDA’s master plan recommends residential land use

LUCKNOW: Lucknow Industrial Development Authority (LIDA) in its board meeting on Wednesday approved master plan for the notified area of LIDA. The notified area covers 45 villages of Lucknow and 39 villages of Unnao. The board was headed by LIDA’s chairman and principal secretary, Infrastructure and Industrial Development, Sanjeev Saran.

The notified area has been divided into three zones based on type of land use- township near Lucknow will be developed into a multifunctional zone, township near Nawabganj bird sanctuary will be developed into a tourism zone while the third township near Unnao will primarily be developed into an industrial zone.

As per the master plan of notified area, 26% has been allocated for residential development, 21% for industrial use, 20% for green area and 13% for transportation, commercial and mixed land use etc. While township near Lucknow will primarily focus on residential land use, the one near Unnao will be utilized to construct industrial area.

The road connectivity suggested in Lucknow’s master plan has also been incorporated in the LIDA’s plan. Development of Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) along with cargo’s transportation parallel to the railway corridor is also proposed. Saran gave instructions to LIDA officials to follow the master plan and take strict actions against all illegal encroachments in the LIDA notified area.

Saran said that before beginning construction or landscaping in the notified area, the developer has to take permission from LIDA. The board has decided to set up a power sub-station in village ?Bunni’ which comes in LIDA’s notified area. A hi-power committee has been formed under Sanjeev Saran to directly buy lands from farmers for the project. The development fee for notified area has been decided as Rs 886 per square metre which any industrialist or developer would have to pay to LIDA.

The construction cost has been decided at Rs 725 per square metre. The committee comprises additional chief executive officer, Ramdeen, special secretary, law, SK Vishwakarma, additional commissioner, Lucknow, OP Pathak and in charge, mukhya nagar and town planner, Ajay Kumar Mishra. The committee has been asked to submit complete proposal before the board in the next meeting.

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